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"Bread products" 2-16


economics . market

4 Invitations to exhibition Modern Bakery Moscow 2016

6 The Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises

8 The Russian Union of bakers

10 The Russian Grain Union

12 P.A. Semyonova, A.P. Nechayev. Regulation of use of food ingredients

16 Seminar The Russian bread on the basis of Japanese Institute of bread baking of JIB (TRIER, IREKS)

17 Modern Bakery Moscow 2016  remained less than 1 months

18 The organization of logistics on ZAO Khleb (Tver)

20 Professionalism at all stages – from grain to bread (Bühler)

22 M. Slaby. New automatic transfer lines for production of dough by firm topos®

26 Maxi SOFT: the range of baking improvers for softness of bakery products of any kind and form (Dal’nyaya Mel’nitsa)

28 Y.S. Petysh. Import substitution in the food industry: specifics of baking branch and a segment of ingredients for bread baking (VATEL MARKETING)

32 L.M. Kuznetsova. The organization and maintaining the quantitative and qualitative account on flour-grinding, groat and the formula-feed enterprises in modern conditions

Наука и технология




research . technology

36 E.V. Zhirkova et al. Use of domestic extrusive ingredients in baking production

40 O.L. Vershinina, V.V. Gonchar, Yu. F. Roslyakov. Development of rye symbiotic natural ferment for bread baking

42 I.S. Vitol et al. Biochemical characteristic of new grades of triticale flour

45 L.G. Priyezzheva. Setting standards of safe storage and the validity of grits on acid number of fat

48 N.A. Lesnikova, L.Yu. Lavrova, E.L. Bortsova. The analysis of quality of bakery products with use of a beer pellet

50 A.S. Zakharova, L.A. Kozubayeva, I.S. Semenchenko. Mechanical activation in technology of bread with mix of grain

52 V.O. Novitsky, Yu.N. Belova. Problem of optimization of motor transportation logistics of a bread-baking complex

54 V.A. Gun’kin, L.E. Rozantseva, G. M. Suslyanok. Obtaining the blown-up product from sorghum grain

56 Master-class. Cottage cheese croissant (TRIER, IREKS)

58 O.V. Lesnykh. Recommendations about carrying out internal audit of accounting reports for 2015

information . advice

64 N.K. Fetina. Cereals - Mixed Feed - Veterinary 2016

66 N.V. Kurkina. Upakovka/Upak Italia – 2016"

69 N.K. Petrova. Festival of bread

70 National pies. Russian coulibiac

71 Dictionary of marketing specialist

72 G.B. Choporova. Kind hostess





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