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"Bread products" 5-16

economics . market

4 Review of the grain market by International grain council
6 V. Lunin. Development of the Russian bread baking: results of 2015 and plans for 2016. (Lesaffre)
10 Agrobusiness club informs
12 The Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises
14 The Russian Union of bakers
16 The Russian Grain Union
18 O.A. Il’yina, V.S. Iunikhina. Development of the range of bread for healthy food is an actual task of branch
21 The Russian confectioners in search of effective production technologies (Agroprodmash)
23 Advanced technology of infrared ceramics (ICT) (WACHTEL)
24 A decortication of solid wheat by means of new diamond wheels is an innovation of the OCRIM company
28 Design features of multipurpose drum skalperator of BZO and BZO-M (Mel’invest)
30 The new line for packing of bulk stock products (Paglierani)
31 E.V. Galkin. Clever photoseparators: neural algorithm in the solution of non-standard problems of sorting (CSort)
34 JetMix is completely automatic preparation of a sponge dough and ferments (Bühler)
36 I.R. Enaleev, A.V. Arinina. Use of hunting birds as biorepellents in the territory of JSC Kazan’zernoprodukt
38 R.G. Kalinin. Crisis is time of opportunities (Vatel Marketing)
40 T.A. Korzun. About accreditation of test laboratories
44 T.B. Tsyganova, S.O. Smirnov. Actual programs of obligatory preliminary actions in the HACCP system


research . technology

48 G.O. Magomedov et al. Development of a gluten –free biscuit product by selection of optimum dosages of dressers
51 E.D. Chertov et al. Development of technology of bread on the basis of sorghum flour
54 T.N. Lazareva, S. Ya. Koryachkina. An assessment of quality of gingerbreads with use of medicinal and technical raw materials
56 News
58 A.G. Zheludkov et al. Complex solution of problems of automation of a radiographic method of the quality analysis of seeds and grain of cereal cultures
62 E.L. Meleshkina et al. Modification of vegatable protein of triticale grain with application of biotechnolodical methods
65 N. G. Poma et al. Prospects of use of winter triticale as food crop
68 Master -class. Unleavened products Refectory (TRIER, IREKS)

information . advice

70 National pie of Moldova. Platsinda
71 Dictionary of the marketing specialist
72 G.B. Cheporova. Kind hostess.


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