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"Bread products" 6-16

economics . market

4 A.I. Altukhov. Investments as a factor of the accelerated import substitution in the agrofood market of the country

10 M.A. Kovalenko. About the new interstate standard on wheat grain

13 News

14 The Russian Union  of milling and groats  enterprises

16 The Russian Union of  bakers

18 The Russian Grain Union

20 A.B. Ovechkin. Flour-grinding industry of Switzerland: the experience increased by innovations

24 A.M. Zolotaryova, V.V. Dorzhiyev. To the 50- ty anniversary of department «Technology of products from vegetable raw materials» of the East Siberian state university of technologies and management

27 Salon of the confectionery and baking equipment on AGROPRODMASH

28 EFKO Groups acquainted partners from Central Asia with production in Kazakhstan and shared plans for the future

29 OCRIM and ANTIM have held a meeting on a constructive exchange of opinions

30 Services of the company Bühler

32 Experience of automation of  workshop in groats production by IP Nikulin V. R. (NOINT)

35 Ya.S. Petysh. Baking ingredients: ideas and opportunities

38 T.B. Tsyganova, S.O. Smirnov. System of safety of foodstuff on the basis of risk analysis and definition of critical control points


research . technology

42 N.Yu. Bykova et al. Assessment of technological properties of rye grain and products of it’s processing

48 S.P. Polyakova. Management of safety criteria of flour confectionery

52 L.G. Priyezzheva et al. Definition of periods of storage and the validity of wheat bread flour of the premium on acid number of fat at the moderated and increased temperatures

56 V.V. Looze et al. A method of an operating control of contamination of grain insects in warehouses

58 V.A. Bryazun et al. Definition of the valid costs of warmth of pastries

59 News

60 A.Yu. Veselova, L.O. Shirokova. Influence of natural sources of biologically active agents on bread diseases

62 V.A. Maryin et al. The product registration of the buckwheat assessment developed from the grain of a buckwheat collected from under the snow

66 G.A. Zakladnoy, A.L. Dogadin. Pirimifos-metil for protection of grain

68 Master -class. Bretsel «Nut» (CSM)

information . advice

71Nationalpies. French Pissaladiere

71 Dictionary of the marketing specialist

72 G. Chyoporova. Kind Hostess


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