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"Bread products" 7-16

economics . market

4 Overview of the grain market by International grains Council

6 The June forecast of a grain yield in 2016 is record – 110,1 MT (ProZerno)

10 The Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises

12 The Russian Union of bakers

14 The Russian Grain Union

16 The modern methods, tools and standards of he grain and grain products quality assessment.

18 Scientifically based and qualified clarifications on the new standard «Wheat. Technical conditions»

20 Проблемы и новые аспекты развития масложирового комплекса России

23 Forum Graintek–2016

24 N. Kurkina. The 10th International Food Industry Conference (EFKO)

26N. Goldina. Rounde Table «Modern Solutions for Confectionery and Baking Industry»(EFKO)

28 The 70th Anniversary OAO «Pervy Khlebozavod» – Tested, Improved, Guaranteed

30 Mobile storage grain systems Canamer (Mel’invest)

33 The OOO «Sokhrani Zerno» company's choice  (Bühler)

34 A.A. Surova. How to do marketing packaging (Vatel Marketing)

33 News

38 L.M. Kuznetsova. Topical issues of maintaining the quantitative and qualitative account on large grain agroholdings

44 G.V. Zoloyeva. About GOST P 54478-2011 Grain. Methods of definition of quantity and quality of a gluten in wheat


research . technology

48 H.A. Baluyan et al. Influence of biologically active extrusive ingredients on baking and rheological properties of wheat flour

52 E.D. Chertov et al. Optimization of process preparation of the enriched bread for school food

54 G.Z. Jakhangirova, P. M. Tursunkhodjaev. The influence of functional ingredients of bread on the development of alimentary-dependent diseases

58 S.I. Lukina et al. Use beet paste for improving the quality of bread

60 T.B. Tsyganova et al. Influence of fatty products on quality and preservation of freshness of rich bakery products for long storage

64 V.V. Vanshin, E.A. Vanshina. Increase of proteinaceous nutritiousness of extruded products

66 A.L. Vereshchagin et al. The effects of the acids by the Krebs cycle to the properties of bakery yeast and bread quality

68 Master -class. Cake Triada (Backaldrin)

information . advice

70 National pies. Pie of Korea Pyanse

70 News

71 Dictionary of the marketing specialist

72 G. Cheporova. Kind Hostess


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