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"Bread products" 8-16

economics . market

4 I.A.Glazunova (IKAR)
6 The Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises
8 The Russian Union of bakers
10 The Russian Grain Union
12 D.A. Britikov. Issues of control and supervision and improvement of normative regulation in the sphere of industrial safety of explosive facilities of storage and processing of vegetable raw materials
16 A.A. Udovenko. Falsification of fight against falsification
18 L.A. Poslukhaeva. A seminar of the International industrial Academy in Italy
24 Business program of the exhibition RosUpack
26 A.A. Vybornov, S.V. Kraus. The best bakers in Altai region
28 Symposium «Cereal: resources in need of management» (Ocrim)
30 New mill complex in France (Mill Service)
32 News
33 WAFA: output to a new level (Bühler)
34 Laboratory grinding flour: a fresh solution (Brabender)
36 R.G. Kalinin. Clean label (Vatel marketing)


research . technology

40 E.I. Ponomareva et al. Use of flour from wholemeal wheat and spices in the production of non-chloride bread
42 L.M. Aksenova, N.B. Kondrat’ev. Improving the safety of gingerbread products
44 L.Y. Lavrova et al. Use of dairy by-products in the production of bakery products
47 S.S. Tarasenko, N.P. Vladimirov. Rheological characteristics of pasta flour
50 O.E. Bakumenko, L.N. Shatnuk. Influence of fatty acid composition of vegetable oils on the quality and nutritional value of the extruded cereal snacks
54 L.P. Vogman, D.A. Britikov. Features of liquidation of emergency situations at fire the product storage in silos and bunkers at the enterprises for storage and grain processing
58 P.V. Medvedev et al. Systematic approach to the formation of quality pasta
62 Master-class. Bread Montrichard (ait Ingredients, Dal’nyaya mel’nitsa)

information . advice

64 N.K. Petrova. RosUpack 2016 – integrated solutions for packaging production
68 Chinese pie Uebin
71 Dictionary of the marketing specialist
72 G.B. Cheporova. Kind hostess


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