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"Bread products" 11-16

Economics . Market

4 A.E. Sizov. Assessment of grain market and prospects of its development (SovEkon)
8 The Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises
10 The Russian Union of bakers
12 The Russian Grain Union
14 L. Poslukhaeva. All-Russian forum of baking and confectionery industry “Bread business– 2016”
17 Innovations and technologies by company PETKUS
18 N. Kurkina. The first Eurasian forum of bakery «Bread is a world»

Equipment. Ingredients

21 Tsvetlit-R – is the highest quality at reasonable prices!
22 The rolling mill Diorit – is the best in it’s class (Bühler)
24 L.V. Ustinova. German technologies and machinery for mills in Russia (MMW)
26 Y.S. Petish. Production of gluten-free products: status and prospects (RUSKHLEB)
29 I.A. Nikitin et al. Fragmented the market research functional foods from gluten-free raw materials
32 M. Markova. The opening of a new production of gluten-free products at Pernik factory (J4)
34 Products with reduced gluten content from (IREKS, TRIER)


Research. Technology

36 N.O. Dubrovskaya et al. Productuion of gluten-free bakery products with use of nonconventional vegetable raw materials
38 G.O. Magomedov et al. Development of sugar cookies special purpose
41 I.M. Zharkova et al. Study of organoleptic characteristics of bread from amaranth flour
44 E.I. Verboloz et al. Innovative technology and equipment for production of pasta with high-protein additives
48 S.V. Zverev et al. High-temperature micronization in the production of grain products of fast preparation from spelt
50 A.N. Ostrikov et al. Protein texturate as a product of preventive and curative action in human nutrition
53 L.Y. Lavrova et al. The effect of flax flour on the quality of wheat bread
56 News
57 F.K. Khuzin et al. Study of adsorption purification of the hydrolysate of grain of rye
60 Master-class. Roll «Red velvet» (Bakal'drin)

Information. Advice

62 N. Petrova. Agroprodmash – 2016
66 N. Goldina. Golden autumn – 2016
68 L. Pekh. AGROSALON – 2016
70 Italian pie Focaccia and Stromboli
71 Dictionary of the marketing specialist
72 G. Cheporova. Kind hostess


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