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"Bread products" 12-16

Economics . Market

4. The Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises
6. The Russian Union of bakers
8. The Russian Grain Union
10. V.A. Butkovsky. Some of the results about work of the International Industrial Academy in 2016 year
12. Agribusinessclub informs. Innovative appeal of Altai region
14. N. Petrova. Forum Graintek – 2016
17. GRAIN, FLOUR AND... echo in the international arena, born in Italy (ОСRIM)

Equipment. Ingredients

20. R.J. Antonov, T. S. Shatalova. INFRASCAN-3150 – are new opportunities and prospects (Ekan)
22. Maintaining freshness of sweet bakery products of long storage (Brabender)
25. OOO Kormikitsa has expanded the direction of the activity (Bühler)
26. Ecothermatik™ from Bühler is the first energy-saving dryer for long cut pasta: superior quality and сapacity up to 5500 kg/h
30. The quality of flour from grain harvest 2016: features and adjustment methods, special types of flour (Mühlenchemie)
34 Easter cakes (Ireks, Trier)

Research. Technology

36. T.G. Bogatyreva, I.G. Belyavskaya, K.N. Valueva. The use of grain starter cultures on the basis of germinated grain of green buckwheat and wheat for making yeast cake
39. A.S. Sereda, I.A. Velikoretskaya, E.V. Kostyleva et al. The impact of the new complex enzyme preparation on the quality of bread from wheat baking flour
42. E.I. Verboloz., V.T. Antuf’ev, R.N. Savchenko. Intensification of cooling of confectionery products in the combi oven
45 News
46. A.A. Rodnikova, S.L. Beletsky. Rapid control of levels mycotoxins in grain and its products during prolonged storage
48. E.S. Guseva. Status and prospects of food security in China in the conditions of globalization
51. V.A. Bryazun, M.F. Adnodvortsev. The heat balance of the fuel ovens

Information. Advice

56 Master-class. Cake Le Macaron (AIT Ingredients)
58. R.G. Kalinin. To cut or not to cut – that is the question (Vatel Marketing)
60. Christmas in the Czech Republic
3. Modern Bakery Moscow – 2017. The benchmark for Eastern European market of bakery and confectionery products
64. Index of articles published in 2016
69. International Carrot cake
69. Dictionary of the marketing specialist
72. G.B. Cheporova. Kind hostess


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