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"Bread products" 1-16

economics . market

4 Market review by International Grains Council

7 V.L. Cheshinskiy. Report at the XII Congress of the Russian Union of bakers

10 N.P. Bolgova. The main problems, their solutions and the mobilization of internal reserves of the baking industry

11 News

12 V.S. Kraus. The modern state of  bakery in Russia

14 A.S. Zorin. Topical issues of  Russian  bakery

16. V.R. Golovachev. The rescue of drowning –is the work of drowning

17 News

18 The Russian Union of  bakers

20 The  Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises

22 The Russian Grain Union

24 The 110-th Anniversary of the bakery in Korolev, Moscow region

26 International review of quality of  bread and bakery products «Innovation and tradition» (rewarding)

28 Results of the contest «Best innovative product of the year»

29 M.G. Markova. Large-scale event for bakers

32 L.V. Dracheva. Trans fats – are one of the key growth factors in cardiovascular disease in Russia

34 L.A. Poslukhaeva. Graintek– 2015

36 I.A. Nikitin et al. Substitution products of deep processing of starch-containing raw materials-based cluster  AMYLCO  in the Rostov region

39 Anniversary delivery by J4 s.r.o. in the Republic of Belarus: 50-th furnace

39 New line of packing by firm Paglierani

40 A.V. Ryabtsev. Automatic bunker scales of total registration «Potok» (Tenzo-M)

45 25 facts about TAS grain cleaning machines by  Bühler

48 G.A. Zakladnoy. Quarantine  problems of the cereal-growers


research . technology

51 E.V. Nevskaya, L. A. Shlelenko. Development of  bread and bakery products for the food of athletes

53 News

54 F.K. Husin et al. Development of technology for dietary bakery products

56 I.V. Magulina et al. Innovative approaches to create recipes of cookies functional purpose

58 A.P. Kosovan et al. Water consumption and water disposal at the baking and macaroni enterprises

60 G.N. Pankratov  et al. Technological properties of new varieties of triticale flour

63 G.O. Magomedov et al. Development of sugar fruit glaze for the decoration of flour confectionery

66 S.V. Zverev et al. Studies of the properties of spelt

68 Master class. Bread Actipan (Backaldrin)


information . advice

70 VI International specialized exhibition Bread Festival in the South of Russia (Rospik)

71 National pie of Majorca  Ensaimada

71 Dictionary of marketing specialist

72 G. Cheporova. Hostess


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