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Заголовок Дата публикации
The introduction of new Standards for grain rye and rye flour 30 мая 2019
Effect of corn flour on wear of forming holes of pasta matrices 30 мая 2019
Baking properties of flour from grain of the low pentazan variety rye Bereginya 30 мая 2019
Development of recipes flour confectionery products of functional purpose 30 мая 2019
Modelling of polycomposite mixes of vegetable powder mix for bakery products 30 мая 2019
Device for intensification of bread cooling in special conditions 30 мая 2019
Quantitative evaluation of wheat grain glassiness by vision technique 30 мая 2019
Microflora and mycotoxins in grain 30 мая 2019
Physical and chemical processes developing in the dough kneading at the interface between the components 15 мая 2019
Dynamics of changes in the mechanical properties of steamed buckwheat grains, wintered in the bud 15 мая 2019
Use of seaweed extract as an innovative ingredient in the bakery recipe 15 мая 2019
Testing the developed methods for determining the «potato disease» of bread in grain, flour and bread 15 мая 2019
Grinding triticale grains 15 мая 2019
Technological aspects of the design of personalized bakery and confectionery based on the genetic predispositions of the consumers 15 мая 2019
Determination of fatty acid composition of grain in the production of bread from dispersed 15 апреля 2019
Diagnostic audit is the first step towards the implementation of quality and safety management systems 15 апреля 2019
Influence of amaranth flour on the quality of bread from bioactivated wheat grain 15 апреля 2019
High carotenoid triticale is a promising crop for obtaining grains of the functional purpose 15 апреля 2019
Rationale and formulation of breadsticks special purpose 15 апреля 2019
Effect of extraction conditions on the functional properties of polysaccharides from flax seeds 15 апреля 2019


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