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Research . Technology

Modern sourdough starter microbial compositions for bread making 10 мая 2023
Producing flakes of increased biological value from soybean grain 10 мая 2023
Forecasting the degree of contamination of bakery products under the conditions of the use of poisonous substances 10 мая 2023
Verification of the hypothesis of the membership of samples of paired observations of the falling number of one general population 10 мая 2023
Optimization of buckwheat grain steaming regime 10 мая 2023
Development of express method of near-infrared spectroscopy to determine moisture, protein, gluten amount 10 мая 2023
Investigation of changes in the qualitative composition of white lupin beans (Lupinus albus) during barohydrothermal treatment 07 апреля 2023
Constructing a confidence interval for the general average of the falling number using chebyshev inequality 07 апреля 2023
The effects of flour from light-grain rye and vegetable processing products on the antiradical activity of shortbread cookies 07 апреля 2023
Optimization of technology for the production of bread with the addition of apple using the electrocontact method of 07 апреля 2023
Analysis of the amino acid composition of flour from soy extrudate 07 апреля 2023
Chickpea bread 06 марта 2023
Method for producing gluten-free bakery products based on amaranth flour 06 марта 2023
The development of spore microflora on the surface of the thermophilic starter culture of the first phase of the breeding cycle. Causes and methods of inhibition 06 марта 2023
Influence of microwave modes on the process of germination of flax seeds used for enrichment of products 30 января 2023
Lgranulometric composition of wheat flour and the quality of the cupcakes 30 января 2023
Use of abrasive wheels for peeling buckwheat grains 30 января 2023
Evaluation of the influence of food ingredients from rosehips on the main raw material for flour confectionery and bakery products 30 января 2023
Use of the complex food additive «Constanta» to increase the microbiological stability of wheat bread 30 января 2023
Comparative assessment of wheat-rye sourdough bread quality 30 января 2023
Modeling of the recipe of flour confectionery with the use of vegetable raw materials 28 декабря 2022
Development of automated control system of elevator complex 28 декабря 2022
The use of a complex grain additive in the technology of wheat flour bread on a starter culture of spontaneous fermentation 28 декабря 2022
The most important changes in the regulatory documents regulating the quality and safety of grain and its processed products for the last two years 28 декабря 2022
Risk-oriented approaches to the justification of shelf life flour products 01 декабря 2022